The Afrika To You Collection became a permanent collection in Winter 2019. Authentic African sculptures made of metal, pewter, stone, and wood handcrafted by African artists and imported.

Many sculptures depict animals from Africa including lions, giraffes,  elephants, tigers, jaguars, zebras, geckos, hippos, and more. Other animal art pieces are popular for bird, frog, and polar bear lovers.

View the collection online or visit the gallery to view and purchase from the collection in person.

These beautiful animal sculptures and textiles bring life to any space; while helping support struggling communities abroad.

The artists work with many sculpture materials. All of the stone is hand carved using authentic stones from South Africa and Zimbabwe. Granite, Butter Jade, Soapstone, Dolomite, Serpentine, Green Opal, Leopard Rock, and Verdite Stone. Intricate hand carved wood sculptures, and hand made metal art that will amaze you.

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