At The Gallery Upstairs in Milton, Ontario you’ll find a carefully chosen selection of sculpture art. Unique hand crafted sculptures made of metal, stone, and wood. Choose from many options that are already in inventory at The Gallery Upstairs. We stock local and international sculpture art that easily integrates with your interior and/or exterior design.

If you’re looking for a custom monumental piece as a bold addition to your collection, we can help with that as well. We have access to artists that specialize in every style and size of sculpture art.


Available at The Gallery Upstairs

The Gallery Upstairs includes your garden, lawn and outdoor space as possible areas to display art at your home and/or business. We carry enchanting stone sculptures, year-round outdoor artwork, and décor items that will add beauty and grace to your surroundings.

Creating a calm and inviting place to reflect with unique items like bird baths, statues, yoga benches, flags, animals, life size mini cars, bird cages, recreational vehicles; all made in different mediums of aggregate, concrete, metal, stone, and wood. 

Visit The Gallery Upstairs in Milton, Ontario to help create your outdoor oasis.


Afrika To You was founded because of the situation in South Africa and Zimbabwe. All of their products are bought and imported from the artists living in Africa struggling to survive. All of the stone is hand carved and different stones are used.  Some of the stones used are Granite, Butter Jade, Soapstone, Dolomite, Serpentine, Green Opal, Leopard Rock, and Verdite Stone.

The Gallery Upstairs is proud to offer these beautiful, authentic African hand carved pieces of art.