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Have you thought about what a difference a piece of artwork can make in your office? When a client walks into your office, how does the atmosphere represent your business? Does it look professional or casual? Welcoming and successful?

Your surroundings set the first impression about how your business is run. Bare walls can make the office look dull and unappealing. This can affect the mood of visitors and staff.

The Gallery Upstairs Milton has something to make your work space more inviting and colourful. Come in and see our collection of pieces suitable for the office. 

Corporate Art Services

Available at The Gallery Upstairs

The Gallery Upstairs offers full service corporate decorating with a great range of local original art, limited editions, oversize loft art, art rental, fundraising opportunities with memorabilia and art, custom framing of art, advertising, diplomas, staff photos, and newspaper write-ups.

Art Rental Services

At Gallery Upstairs we have an inspiring collection of art pieces available to rent for office space, boardrooms, or for special events.

A carefully chosen piece can make your space more appealing, inspire, and create conversations.

Fundraising with memoralbilia

If you are looking to give back and support local community and charitable organizations, we can provide fundraising opportunities with art and memorabilia.

How does this work? 

Auction – Artwork an d sports memorabilia is provided and displayed at your fundraising event. Bidding is done on the auction bid forms provided.

Auction items can be customized and may include: sign sports photographs and jerseys, limited edition art and collectibles, and framed photographs.