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7 Sculpture Art Ideas To Complete Your Garden

Mushroom Garden Art
7 Sculpture Art Ideas To Complete Your Garden This year more than ever people have time to create and tend to their gardens. Our clients have been ordering beautiful garden art and home decor pieces from our Castart Studios Collection. The Gallery Upstairs is not just a gallery with art pieces on walls. Outdoor at the gallery, the gardens prove […]
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Unique Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother's Day blog
MOTHER’S DAY MAY LOOK DIFFERENT THIS YEAR, BUT YOU CAN STILL CELEBRATE MOM The Gallery Upstairs has so many unique gift ideas to celebrate all the mothers out there. Even fur-baby moms! If you aren’t sure what to get mom this year, this is the perfect place to begin looking. Many items are sourced from local artisans, artists, and farms. Ranging in price from $10 […]
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5 Health Benefits of Rooibos Tea

5 HEALTH BENEFITS OF ROOIBOS TEA Discover the health benefits of delicious Rooibos tea imported from South Africa. Now available at The Gallery Upstairs. 1. Contains extremely high levels of antioxidants – powerful substances that fight free radicals in the bloodstream and keep bodies immunity healthy and strong. 2. Reduction of insomnia, tension headaches, hypertension, and irritability are well known […]
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Celebrating Women In Business Milton

Hedi Nowak and friends supporting local
Celebrating Women In Business Milton Owner of The Gallery Upstairs, Hedi Nowak is a Milton, Ontario, entrepreneur and community leader. Well known for her compassion and willingness to support and help the Milton community, businesses and events and the arts! Hedi has been a successful local business owner for decades. She can testify about the status of Women in Business, and […]
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Zimbabwe Food Crisis

Photo by Nancy McNally/CRS
FUNDRAISING FOR THE ZIMBABWE FOOD CRISIS Zimbabwe is facing a major food crisis. More than a third of the country has little or no access to food. 5.8 million people are facing severe levels of food insecurity across urban and rural areas. The hunger crisis is only becoming more dire each day. Urgent action is needed now to save lives. […]
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More Than Just An Art Gallery

MORE THAN JUST AN ART GALLERY… Although The Gallery Upstairs is primarily known for it’s beautiful collection of art from local and International artists, and custom framing; it’s so much more than an art gallery! Discover our collection of unique, innovative gift ideas from local artisans and designers. Come in and browse through our one of a kind items. Scarves, […]
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First Cash Mob Milton

CashmobMilton Article
We were so lucky to be chosen to be the recipient of the first ever CASH MOB MILTON that was held on Friday, January 31, 2020! A huge THANK YOU to all the beautiful people who came out on a cold Friday evening to support The Gallery Upstairs in Milton as the first CASH MOB MILTON. We hope to see […]
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Sugar Canes Have Arrived

NEW TO THE GALLERY! We’re putting on the ritz with SUGAR CANES! Designed and assembled in Canada for all those Fashionistas with aging hips and knees. These beautiful blingy canes are perfect just as an accessory too! Each handcrafted Sugar Cane consists of approximately 4600 (1.8mm) brilliant foiled flat back rhinestones, plus 450 (4.0 mm) princess cut flat back rhinestones […]
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Welcome to our art blog for The Gallery Upstairs in Milton, Ontario. We really appreciate the 44 years of patronage and hope for many more! We’ve been making a lot of updates and wanted a way to document and share our journey with you. Stay connected and share our content often. Please visit us for the most up to date art […]
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