Our History

Sharing Our Love For Art For Over 40 Years

The Gallery Upstairs at Mill Street is located in a 50’s style home at the corner of Bronte and Mill streets. The new location has a smaller intimate eclectic feel to it. As you roam through the rooms you will see different local artists showcased, such as Robert Bateman, Tina Newlove, Betty Hebert, Patrick Mcgoey, David Rheaume, Chloe Savage, Stacey Newman, Marie Austen, Cara Duke, Laura Newton, Suzanne Lasalle and many others. Enjoy a wide variety of decor and gifts, including original art painted on feathers, huge landscapes in oil, contemporary oils and acrylics, stained glass, pottery, chocolates and local preserves.

The Gallery Upstairs was formerly located in the Harrop House on Steeles Avenue. Hedi Nowak purchased the home from the Harrop Family in 1976 opening the Harrop Restaurant and adding the art gallery three years later in 1979. Situated on land once operated as a dairy farm, the original century old stone house and buildings were home to the Harrop Restaurant and Gallery for more than 20 years. When the Town of Milton experienced massive growth, the business evolved and changed along with the community, downsizing to it’s current intimate location at the corner of Bronte Street and Mill Street. Hedi and community residents will always have fond memories of the Harrop House.

Many artists displayed their work at the Harrop House and grew their following and reputation with us. Trisha, Romance, John Newby, and John Harrington to name a few. From the beginning, we have hosted art exhibitions and events to meet the artists, showcase their work and establish rapport. We are proud to have built long standing relationships with the artists and our clients welcoming them time and again to The Gallery Upstairs.