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The Gallery Upstairs has been a destination spot in Milton for over 40 years! Once located in the Harrop House, a century old stone house located in Milton, Ontario, that featured the Harrop Restaurant and Art Gallery; it has since moved to it’s current location at 3 Mill Street in Milton, Ontario.  Over the years, many artists displayed their work at the Harrop House and grew their following and reputation through us. From the beginning, we hosted art exhibitions and events to meet the artists, and showcase their work.

The art scene was hot and frenzied with people having 15-20 pieces of art in their home collections; now people average more like 4-5 pieces of art in their home. House building trends have had an impact on this. New architecture of homes have more windows and less space for paintings, so people tend to focus more on their outdoor living spaces.

The art world has evolved, and so has The Gallery Upstairs. With the new art gallery location in 2013 came a beautiful outdoor garden space that houses our gorgeous Castart Studios Collection of all year outdoor garden and sculpture art, as well as hand made wood and metal art from the Afrika To You Collection.

Owner, Hedi Nowak, is proud to have built long standing relationships with the artists and clients welcoming them time and time again to The Gallery Upstairs. Robert Bateman, Tina Newlove and Patrick McGoey to name a few. On display are original works of art from local and international artists in an array of mediums for your collection. We welcome you into our showroom virtually or in person to help you find what speaks to you.

Hedi Nowak - The Gallery Upstairs

“Art is a huge form of therapy. Abstract art allows the left side of the the brain to expand.”
– Hedi Nowak, Founder & Art Lover

Our History

44 years_HediNowak - the Gallery Upstairs


Owner, Hedi Nowak stands with Mr. Harrop and his son just after she purchased the property and opened the Harrop Restaurant (July 1976). Initially opened as just a restaurant, the art gallery was added in 1979.

Hedi Nowak & Robert Bateman


The first Art Show at The Harrop House. Hedi Nowak sits with artist Robert Bateman as he autographs his book.

Hedi Nowak and Robert Bateman - 1997


Hedi Nowak with artist Robert Bateman in 1997 at the Harrop House and Art Gallery for a meet and greet, showcasing his artwork. This is an event that Hedi tries to host annually. Robert last visited in 2019.

Milton Chamber of Commerce Community Awards 2004


Hedi Nowak has been a long standing member of The Milton Chamber of Commerce. In 2004, she was recognized with the Milton Chamber of Commerce President’s Award.


As the Town of Milton began to grow and change Hedi made the decision to sell the Harrop House property and move The Gallery Upstairs to its current location at 3 Mill Street on the corner of Bronte & Mill Streets in Milton, Ontario.

Tina Newlove and Hedi Nowak - 2017


Award-winning local artist Tina Newlove with Hedi Nowak at The Gallery Upstairs during her art show in 2017. The gallery has hosted Tina several times and she is one of our Featured Artists. Stay tuned for the next live event with Tina at the gallery.

Hedi and Friends_Victorian Tea Lunch_May 2019


Hedi Nowak has become a well recognized leader in Milton. She continues to support many charity and non-profit organizations and events. Her love of art and people keep her and The Gallery Upstairs a staple in the Milton community. Here she is with her friends at the Victorian Tea event.


The Gallery Upstairs was chosen for the location of the first Cash Mob Milton in January 2020. What an amazing turn out it was. We are so grateful for the continued support of our amazing community.

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