7 Sculpture Art Ideas To Complete Your Garden

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7 Sculpture Art Ideas To Complete Your Garden

This year more than ever people have time to create and tend to their gardens. Our clients have been ordering beautiful garden art and home decor pieces from our Castart Studios Collection.

The Gallery Upstairs is not just a gallery with art pieces on walls. Outdoor at the gallery, the gardens prove our love of infusing art into all aspects of life.

Stop by for a garden tour and see if any of these amazing sculpture art pieces connect with you for your home and garden decor.

1. Reap a Good Crop with Terra Mater Earth Goddess

Terra Mater Earth GoddessIf you’re looking to reap a good crop this year, perhaps placing a Terra Mater Earth Goddess sculpture in your garden will help. Here’s a little history about Terra Mater…

Tellus, also called Terra Mater, ancient Roman earth goddess. Probably of great antiquity, she was concerned with the productivity of the earth and was later identified with the mother-goddess Cybele. Though she had no special priest, she was honoured in the Fordicidia and Sementivae festivals, both of which centred on fertility and good crops.

2. A Peaceful Welcome from Namaste Temple Buddha

Namaste-Buddha-300x300The Nameste Temple Buddha is a large Buddha that is peacefully posed in the classic Anjali Mudra (also called ‘Namaskara Mudra’ or ‘Hridayanjali Mudra’) position, representing the gesture of greeting, prayer and adoration. A perfect balancing art piece for any home and garden space.

3. Building Generations of Memories on The Seat of Wisdom

Seat of Wisdom

As a child, we all had a member of our family read to us or tell us stories, and in doing so, opened up a whole new world to our imagination. Literature, words and stories became a magical experience. On the Seat of Wisdom, you can remember those fond memories, and perhaps pass on a few of those magical stories to your own children and grandchildren.

4. Power and Authority of Emotions with Seahorse

The Seahorse is one of the oceans most intriguing and delightful creatures. Klaus Kinast has expertly captured the elegance and charm of the stately Seahorse for you to transport nautical power into your garden and home.

In Rome and Greece, the Seahorse was sacred to Poseidon and Neptune, potent sea gods. As a result, one of the key meanings for Seahorse is one of power and authority, particularly in matters of emotion and intuition, because of the water element involved.

5. Find Peace & Tranquility from Maya – Sleeping Mermaid

Maya-Sleeping-Mermaid-300x200Seen here sleeping, Maya is a truly captivating mystical creature of the sea. She adorns the shore with her beauty and will bring the same peace and tranquility to your garden or any outdoor space.

6. Tranquil and Peaceful Pace with Giant Galapagos Tortoise

We know you’re missing your friends. We have some amazing garden art friends keep you company!

This depiction of the iconic Giant Galapagos Tortoise will add serenity to your garden or patio. He’s a great conversation piece and can stay outside all year.

7. Protect Your Garden and Home with Giddian Gargoyle

Giant-Giddian_2-292x300Travis Bond has sculpted Giddian in the same style as the medieval European stonemason’s work, emphasizing the gargoyles primary job of scaring away evil, and easing the transition from paganism to Christianity.

Giddian is not a replica, but rather an original design. Had Travis been sculpting in the thirteenth century, his work would undoubtedly be found on some of the finer cathedrals and chapels. A beautiful example are the gargoyles of Notre-Dame d’Amiens, France.

Castart Studios Ltd. is an innovative leader in the concrete casting industry. Their unique designs tend to be based on the history of art (which is why we love them so much!). Producing original artwork in sculpture, faces, statues, ornaments, birdbaths, water features, benches, lanterns, and planters for home and garden use.

Manufactured from proprietary blends of concrete, and having unique weather resistant finishes applied. All these products are suitable for outdoor use, all seasons.

Please note finishes are hand applied and will vary slightly from piece to piece. The stains will not wash off nor fade in the sun under normal use. However, excessive abrasive cleaning and wear may reveal the grey concrete underneath.

Finishes available (from left to right): Western Slate, York Stone, Basalt Grey and Ancient Stone.

All of the amazing products you see here are in-stock right now at The Gallery Upstairs.

Please note: We do not carry the entire collection from Castart Studios Ltd. Items not carried can be special ordered. Please allow 4 weeks for delivery of special orders.

Social distance, sterilized shopping, and call ahead curb side (we’ll bring to your car) pick up available.

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